GoPro - Summer 2016

Duration: 12 weeks

Team: Entertainment Platform Team

Role: Product Designer - Intern

In summer 2016, GoPro hired me as a Product Design Intern to work for the Entertainment Platform Team at San Mateo, to formulate user experience design suggestions for GoPro software products based on user research findings. With respect to security and privacy, the work I have done at GoPro cannot be displayed here. However, I am writing here about my internship experience.

Working at GoPro is as fun and exciting as capturing a GoPro footage. It is with privilege, that I got to join a group of enthusiastic and friendly people who loves every bit of work they do. The work environment, that has an open architecture, supported learning in every sphere and opinions from everyone was heard. The GoPro work culture truly embraces what GoPro stands for and provides a venue to explore your passions even while at work through "Live it. Eat it. Love it" sessions.


As a product design intern, my work was to outline a user study, that consisted of semi-structured user testing and focus groups, for a GoPro product. My team entrusted me with this project and I was given the freedom to shape and conduct the study. This was a great learning experience and I believe that my project was successful because of the mentoring from my team, encouragement, and help from all my colleagues.

As I shaped up the user study, I was given a venue to provide updates and gather feedback from the team and the extended entertainment team during regular weekly meetings. Having a mentor, who always asked "How would you want to solve this problem" and a manager who supported, encouraged and provided constructive feedback, helped me to think beyond the box or see things that I didn't see.

After shaping up the user study framework, with the help of the Beta testing team, I recruited 20 users for my usability study. 20, one on one usability study sessions, where users were given different tasks to perform, were conducted. The sessions were recorded and documented. This left me with a month and 2 weeks to complete data analysis and report.

Parallelly, I worked with the Content Development Intern, to create a framework and conduct 2 focus groups with 7-9 participants each. The data from both the usability studies, interview and focus group, was used to create a user experience path for our product.


My data analysis(that involved a conference room full of color-coded sticky notes) took about three weeks. The findings were consolidated into a report and presentation. I was given a number of venues to present my findings and suggestions.