Duration: 4 weeks

Team: Team of 3

Tools: Sketch, Photoshop

Seamless is an online service that helps consumers in finding clothes that are tailored for them. Seamless provides a platform through which customized clothing, that is unique and perfect fit, can be purchased. Seamless not only makes finding customized clothing easier but also brings out a platform for designers, tailors and fabric vendors to showcase their work and meet clients.


Apparel production is one of the steady growing markets. Brands come go or stay over a period of time, but this does not impact the market as a whole. With the coming of E-commerce, Apparel production industry also established its print on the global sales and own 20% of the total e-commerce retail sale in the US. The high demand and the need for cheap clothing have created a booming and steadily growing export market in the eastern countries.While mass production boomed over the years, custom clothing industry fragmented and now it is confined to alteration, special occasion clothing or high- end wear and has become the symbol of luxury in the west. What is it that we forget here? We forget that clothes have to fit each and every body type and each individual has a different take on fashion.The closest to better fit clothes customers can get is to shop from top brands. But the customization here is very little and with the brand name comes a high cost. There is no uniqueness in the clothes you wear and before you know it, it is out-of-style.

There arises a need to bring together the customer and skilled tailors to design and create custom made clothes which inturn would create a shared economy by bridging needs and skills.


Seamless has two core user groups - buyers and makers. It is crucial that the platform caters to both the user groups as per their requirement. User persona for the user groups was created to understand the specific needs of the user groups. It was seen that throughout the process of an order fulfillment atleast one user group would always interact with the system, that is the primary user's shifts with time.

Experience Map

An experience map was generated to showcase how the two user groups and system could work hand in hand during the process. The experience map helped to clearly understand what different users would expect from the service at different points of time.

1. Find tailors/ Meet customers online
2. Custom made clothing
3. Shipping
3. Fitting and Alterations